Parade of Homes – HBACNM’s Twice-a-year event for builders

(Transcript Snippet): “Tego: Okay.
Tego: Let’s see. Parade of homes, Tracy,
Tego: Big weekend for the home builders twice a year, the New Mexico, central New Mexico home. What is it? Home builders association, HBA is just what I always call them. They do their big parade of homes where they, they put homes out for open they’re open houses to show off the, the latest products and what the builders are.
Tracy: Yep. And it’s Friday, Saturday, Sunday. So yesterday, today, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and next Friday, Saturday, Sunday from 11 to 5. There’s 21 homes in the spring parade of homes. The the featured builder this year is Pulte homes at inspiration, which is in the petroglyph area. Just North of I-40 and West West of the river inspiration, the homes, the lots, there can be just some phenomenal views because it’s sort of below the petroglyphs. And if you haven’t been out that way and you’re thinking of new construction, give us a call. We’d love to show you that neighborhood as well as the others that are available, but that neighborhood is quick to everywhere. There’s some new cluster schools over there. There’s some new, big fields. Like if your kids play soccer, you probably know that part of town. But it’s, it’s a great neighborhood, but in addition, lots of other homes to tour to go, do you happen to know how people are touring them in the days of COVID?
Tego: Well, I don’t,
Tracy: I was thinking I didn’t find that out either because Eddie said that we’ll tell you how to get inside of them. There’s the safety protocol. So the homes vary right from Corales to the West side I’m sure there’s a map. So if you go to just Google homes of enchantment, but it’s the websites, homes of enchantment and it’s Home Builders Association of Central New Mexico. And it’s all the information is right there, but you can tour if you’re thinking of building anytime in the future or remodeling, this is the way to go, right? Go hit up these homes.
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