What’s going to happen in 2022? A few things to expect in Albuquerque”s Real Estate Market this year

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And, and so let’s just, just finish with what’s gonna happen in 2022. How’s it looking right now?


2022 probably continues. Right. Interest rates will stay very affordable given history. Yep. Even though they might go up some yep. They’ll fluctuate and they will go up homes. We don’t know about homes coming on the market, but we assume that this spring we will get houses on the market more, more so, because the last two years we’ve had a lot of sellers kind of staying put for a lot of reasons you think Tico.


Yeah. I, I think there are some, some home sellers out there, people that have been thinking about or are gonna be selling in 2022. And I think they’re going okay, maybe this is a year, you know, people are, are, you know, our equity is up substantially. We’ve got all this nested equity in our home. Let’s take advantage of that and either move up to another home or move out or, or whatever it is. And so Tracy, we have a couple bullet points we want to go through on for people that are thinking of, you know, considering selling in 2022, some of the things they need to think about. Sure. Just


To piggyback on what you were saying. So we’ve had quite a few home sellers calling us lately. Thank you for listen. And for calling us that are thinking of they, they do have investment homes and they’re thinking of selling and just taking the profits. You know, maybe they’re at an age where they’re done being landlords or property managers and they are thinking of selling. So I think we’ll see some of that also in 2022,