Tracy Venturi: So Tego my topic. You have time for it.

Tego Venturi: Let’s go. I want to talk about equity. So we got, we got time. Yeah.

Tracy Venturi: I’m wanting to talk about what homeowners want in homes in 2021. That’s unexpected. What are we seeing? That’s not usual. We know people are looking at, you know, we’ve heard over and over for a few months, the home office for kids home homeschooling. Right. We know that, but you know, there’s a few things that have come up that are unexpected and one of them is swimming pools. So if you talk to any swimming pool, contractors in our area, right now, get them on the phone. If you can get them on the phone, they are booked out a year or more.

Tego Venturi: I, I heard two years from, from somebody,

Tracy Venturi: Right. And that’s because people couldn’t go to the swimming pools this summer. Right. And they were like, this is not okay. And they’re spending time at home and they’re going, okay, this is the time for us to add that pool. Other things we saw, we saw a tennis court being added. You know, another thing that’s sort of unexpected. It’s not too common here. And it’s, you know, you see them occasionally in people’s yards, but not very often. A few other things, new furniture, which is not unusual, right. You know, they’re, they’re spending more time at home. The other thing is multipurpose rooms. So they might be taking the living room and not just making it a home office or their homeschool, but they might be making a gaming area or they might be making a library, reading nook, or they, you know, a family game table. We’re seeing a lot more people playing family games, board games and things, or online gaming together when they’re in different stuff.

Tego Venturi: Hey, I just got to give a shout out for, for Jackbox games. If you guys haven’t checked out Jackbox games for, you know, playing and you can play them online via zoom. And we do that with our kids that live in Arizona and friends and family around the country. So, sorry, side note. I want to, I want to ask you something. I mean, obviously I know the answer, but I want you to answer it, which is swimming pools, tennis courts sport courts, you know, another version of like a tennis court how much value or what value do those add tools?

Tracy Venturi: It’s a really hard question.

Tego Venturi: Exactly. I want you, I want, I want you to answer that one.

Tracy Venturi: Well, the statistics come out every year. How much does value does a swimming pool adds? So, you know, a swimming pool is probably 40, 50,000 a minimum today in Albuquerque. Right. We don’t have

Tego Venturi: In ground gunnite pool. Yeah. You’re going to be

Tracy Venturi: And a little slide. Yeah. So we’re not Phoenix. We don’t have a lot of pool contractors, first of all, competing for our work. Right. They’re all booked out. Like you said, two years. So how much is it going to be worth? It’s going to add some value to your house, to the right person, somebody who really wants a pool, the way you do the whole scape around the pool. What all the rest of the outdoor living is makes a difference. Right? But it’s not going to make it equal to what you put in.

Tego Venturi: It’s not going to be a one to one return on investment from a pure economic dollars and some standpoint, but it

Tracy Venturi: Think about the family memories, the experiences, the time spent, you know, if you have family, friends that enjoy it with you, you’re making amazing memories. So you have to realize that that’s the trade-off and you know what, depending on what time of year you sell your home, a pool can actually add a little bit more value if you sell it spring time or early summer or summer, kind of it wanes as you get closer to cold weather, but the pool open with beautiful photos of it when we’re marketing your house is definitely going to help. We’ve. We’ve had winter time photos of, of pools where the grounds don’t look very well kept and the pool is covered and there’s equipment laying around. That’s not going to help you too much, but if you take the time to have the pool looking great, if it’s off season, it still helps. So yeah. So I didn’t give you an exact number Tego cause

Tego Venturi: I can’t, but one that’s that’s the reality. There, there is not one, obviously it adds value. It makes the home more sellable. But also on the flip side of that is there are certain people that will absolutely not buy a home that has a swimming pool. So you have to take that into account too, when you’re going to sell. Right.

Tracy Venturi: We don’t see that too often though.
Tego Venturi: Yeah. [inaudible] those were great. Was there anything else on that, Tracy? I’m sorry. I,

Tracy Venturi: You know, making, maybe making your home more comfortable changing around maybe colors and putting in those colors on the walls that make you happy things that you, might’ve not done previously, but you’re like, okay, we’re here, we’re hunkered down. I’m going to, I’m going to make it how I want it.

Tego Venturi: Yeah. Let’s, let’s hope that the hunkering slows down here real soon and hopefully we’re, we’re getting there.