Tego Venturi: Home equity, I just want to hit real quick. Eddie, if we’ve, we’ve got a couple more minutes. There was J J the third quarter home equity numbers came out nationally and it was a record in new in New Mexico. Well, nationally what they’re saying is over, it was a Q3 19 Q3, 20 17% or $17,000 in home equity gain. And so home equity that, you know, actually money in the bank literally, or the house bank, if you will in New Mexico is actually 20,000. So it’s actually higher than the national average.

Tracy Venturi: So what we always say Tego is homeownership is for savings, right? Right. You’re, you’re saving your, for your own future by owning a home because you’re paying yourself and the home values typically go up. Yes. Some years they’ve pulled back, but that’s not the norm. If you look over a 30 or 40 year chart home ownership is the number one wealth builder for most Americans.

Tego Venturi: And, and I’ve got just one quote here. I just want to, I want to hit this guys with a Realty track, which is one of the companies that do kind of like foreclosure processing, if you will. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Realty track. And, and, and what he said was all this equity is one of the things, one of the things, and there’s a few other that will, that should prevent a huge wave of foreclosures once the government memoranda on and the cares act for Barron’s programs expire. And so what they’re saying is we’ve had this huge build in equity. Now, this is nothing like 2008, where everybody was, had squeezed the equity they could out of their home, and then prices started going down. So it’s a, it’s a good thing, at least for the housing economy. And it looks good going into the future.

Tracy Venturi: So there’s our start to 2021.

Tego Venturi: Yes.