Should I be an Albuquerque House Seller?

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So the other thing about, should I be a seller Tigo? And this was sort of a separate topic mm-hmm <affirmative> we are still seeing quite a bit of activity when we list a house for sale. Right. We’re still having multiple buyers through the house quickly. We typically are still seeing more than one offer on a property.


Yeah, it’s interesting. Cause I, I, you know, obviously I, I follow the real estate news and there’s been a lot of stories about, oh, inventory’s increasing, it’s slowing down, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. We, I mean, we’ve seen, maybe we’ve gone from, you know, getting 20 offers on a new listing to three offers on a new listing. Right. But we’re still getting three offers on a new listing right away. It’s not quite as frantic as it was, but the market is still very strong. There’s still a lot of buyers out there.