Selling your ABQ Home? – Top Tips for Albuquerque Home Sellers

(Transcript Snippet): “Tego: Last thing we want to leave everybody with this week is if you are going to be selling your home this year, Tracy, what are some tips that people can do? Cause we know homes are going to sell for the most part relatively quickly in this market, but they may be let me leaving money on the table potentially right.
Tracy: Possible. You know, it’s, it’s interesting because we want to make sure when a buyer goes in your home, it’s appealing to them that they’re attracted, that they feel comfortable. They feel welcome. And with COVID, it’s been a little bit hard, you know, we were making people put on, you know, some, some houses I show they want me to put on booties. They want me to put on gloves. They have hand sanitizer to use. They have, you know, the whole mask protocol. They don’t want me to touch anything. They don’t want me to open doors or cabinets. They, you know, so we walk through and it’s uncomfortable. You know, the more comfortable you can make it the better. And one of the ways is get a stager in. So even if you’re living there and you know, still occupying the home, have a stager, come in and take a look with you and say, Hey, you might want to move that picture over here and switch the couch this way. I know the couch works good for watching TV this direction, but it’s going to feel a lot better and make your home live larger or be more appealing to buyers if you change these things around.
Tego: So stagers are professionals they’re, they they’re designers. They’re they’re, you know, designers, but they’re really specialists in merchandising, a home to maximize the desirability for, for home buyer. So staging is, is, is critical Tracy: And it maximizes the home sale for sure. And you know, a couple of weeks ago it was probably been three or four weeks. Now we had a house and we looked at it and went, I don’t know, it’s just not, not what people are going to want. The stager went in and we went back and went, Oh my gosh, this house looks great. And, and the buyers were raving, but you know, it, it maximizes your money to spending a little bit to stage if it’s occupied versus vacant, obviously vacant homes,
Tego: Just to be clear, staging doesn’t mean bringing in furniture in many times, it’s just redesigning what you have. Like you said, I’ll make that clear. Tracy: Stager will give advice and say, Hey, pack all this stuff up, put these, this collection away. You know, things that sometimes it’s hard to say, but that’s their job. And you know what? We have some great stagers in our market, you know, really, really good staging. So there’s plenty of them here, great things. And if you do need to supplement with some furniture, they can rent it to you. Or if you need a whole house staged, that’s possible too.
Tego: You know, the other thing that that’s, it really it’s just work. It’s no cost is clean, clean, clean, clean, you know, people want to see nice clean. They don’t, they don’t want know about anything. You know, they want the house to be theirs. And, and so cleaning bathrooms and kitchens in particular make a huge difference and little details. It’s the light switches tops of the baseboards, right?
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