Let’s talk about the seasonality of home sales in the Albuquerque area. There have been some conversations recently that we are “slowing down” and from a standpoint of the crazy summer months, that’s true. Yes, it’s slower, but not slow. We normally see sales starting to slow this time of year, however, plenty of properties will sell, even in the slowest months of Jan and Feb. Here are some stats too show the ebb and flow of sales in Albuquerque. This shows the % of closed sales by month over the past three years as well as avg closed sales each month.
Jan 6% 669
Feb 6% 709
Mar 9% 1025
Apr 9% 1050
May 10% 1167
Jun 10% 1242
Jul 10% 1171
Aug 10% 1157
Sep 9% 1059
Oct 8% 995
Nov 7% 857
Dec 8% 968