Casitas and AUD’s Accessory Dwelling Units in Albuquerque

The City of Albuquerque has made some significant movements in allowing Casitas (AUDs) on residential properties zoned R-1, and they are offering free casita construction plans on its website. The plans are so detailed and complete that they help streamline and make the cost of building Accessory Dwelling Units on one’s property very affordable, with significant savings in contractor fees.

There are many different reasons why people want to have a casita. Some people use them to produce rental income. They can also be used for home offices, home theaters, a painting space, or a hobby room. People should also have some extra living space for family members to stay in when they visit.

To be allowed to start construction, it is crucial to get a site plan, speak to a planning and zoning department, and make sure the construction plan is within regulation.

The increase in value that casitas allow is challenging to determine. The answer to this question will vary depending on construction costs and level of finish, to name a few.

What Home Buyers Searched for in 2023

The amenities inside the house you buy is significant and Zillow tells us what the top amenities people want are. Zillow, the number one Home Shopping website, looked at over 250 billion user searches in 2023.

The top 10 searches were primarily practical needs that an average family would ask for in a new home, such as a two-car garage and a backyard. However, some personalities were shown, with searchers seeking a house with a fireplace and a walk-in closet.

How vital these items are is crucial for people selling their home and for real estate professionals since it is essential to understand what is important to different home buyers.

From practical (the ever-wanted garage) to picturesque (a backyard retreat anyone?), these are the amenities that round out both the modern and traditional. Backyard: For most Americans, part of the “dream” is an eco-friendly, grass-filled backyard. Fireplace: An architectural luxury, the fireplace creates your dream home scenario on a cold, particularly fabulous winter’s day. Walk-in closet: The practical yet vain response to the master bedroom’s walk-in closet is always positive. Patio: There’s nothing better than extending your living room outside, friends. Open floor plan: A modus operandi of the millennial, the open floor plan is the dreamiest combination of kitchen, dining, and family rooms. Forever together. Pool: The ability to have your very own swimming pool in a warm area is a picturesque scenario. Family room: Who doesn’t love extra space for that big family? Basement: Just more space for any occasion — workout room, media room, etc. Granite counters: This durable feature signifies a high-end kitchen or bathroom.

Mortgage Rates and Buy vs Rent

Low interest rates, especially sub-seven percentages, factor heavily in the buying consideration, and we caution renters, in particular, to do the math regarding the cost of owning.

Air Ducts in Your Home
One of the topics we covered in our last episode was the importance of performing regular cleanings and inspections of heating ducts in residential properties. This is especially necessary in some older homes, which often have in-floor heating and cooling ducts. When purchasing, we cannot overstate how critical it is to perform a complete inspection of these ducts with a camera-scoping procedure to detect potential problems such as collapses or corrosion.


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