Patience is the Key! – Albuquerque Home Buying Secrets

(Transcript Snippet): “Tracy: You know, the, the topic Tego that we wanted to talk about, we can jump right in. Right. you know, stay calm. Right. The market’s hard for home buyers right now.
Tego: You know, one of the things that we’ve seen a lot of, and if you are a home buyer or know somebody that’s, you know, looking to buy a home right now, a frustration seems to be the key term. Right? Right.
Tracy: Yeah. It’s an emotional roller coaster, right. Being a home buyer, you go, you look at houses, you pick your favorite one. You get that offer in right away. That seems like a good offer. And you don’t get selected. And you F you know, you go back out and look for more homes and find another one, and you get all your hopes and dreams in that house. And my family’s going to be here and, and you put in an offer and you might not get it. You know, that could happen several times. It can be very frustrating. But it seems like lately Tego, especially, I’ve always said this, but I’ve seen a few instances in the last few weeks where the house, the person didn’t get the first time the house that they ended up, being able to buy and being selected to buy is really the better house. You know, it was like, meant to be
Tego: Times over the years, we’ve seen that Tracy and we, we can personally attest to that as well that, you know, we lost out on a house. We were purchasing and turns out the home we ended up buying was even better.
Tracy: Yeah. Oh my gosh. I’m so glad for what we ended up with versus the offer that didn’t get accepted. Yes.
Tego: So, so I think, you know, I think th the, the takeaway for, for buyers right now is patients, patients, patients, you know, it, it is going to take some time or you might get lucky, right? You might decide, okay, now’s the time I’m going to go talk to a lender. I’m going to get my pre-approval, I’m going to be ready to go to buy. And you start looking and all of a sudden, Oh, well, there’s the perfect home. And you get it.
Tracy: And you ended up being able to buy it,
Tego: Buy it. However, more today it’s people are having to put in multiple offers. You’re going to have to spend a lot of time watching new home listings as they come on the market to be, be there, ready to go, to go look at it. As soon as it’s as available to hit the ground running with the offer and in a great realtor, Tracy, we’re going to, we’re going to talk about the realtor community here. And I know we’re kind of preaching. We’re talking about ourselves here, but having a great realtor is key, right? Because what’s that realtor going to do for somebody that that’s looking for that home?
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