Tego: you know, top of everybody’s mind, I think is obviously the pandemic, right? Or maybe most of us are, are so fatigued by the pandemic and talking about it. But in the housing world, we continue to talk about the number of people that are delinquent on their mortgages, the number of people that are renters, that aren’t able to make their rent. And so Tracy, you wanted to share some of the the help that’s available for people. And I think, I don’t think people need to be, what’s the right word, ashamed to reach out for help. I mean, there’s great help available, and I can speak to the forbearance thing, but Tracy, what what’s New Mexico doing or MFA doing right now?

Tracy: So really great topic for a lot of people to go, because we do know there are people who need help with rent or mortgage payment right now, and there is, uh, options for them. And so, you know, don’t, don’t just ignore and feel bad, go get some help. So, you know, you can Google it. There’s lots of ways to find the sides, but the New Mexico mortgage finance authority has housing cost assistance for specifically COVID-19 problem. If you are impacted and are unable to pay your rent or pay your mortgage because of COVID-19, they have money available. The thing that’s hard about that. And I always wish we could change rules, but I guess we are, we can’t. But the, the thing that’s hard about it is you have to already be in a rears. You’ll have to already be not paying to be able to qualify just like the old days when we had short sales, a bank would not work with you unless you were behind on your payments. So this is the same. So more New Mexico, New Mexico mortgage finance authority, just Google it. Um, housingnm.org, I believe is their website. They have a COVID-19 housing cost assistance program for renters and owners of homes. And obviously you need to qualify it’s based on your, um, family income based on how many people are in your home. And it’s an application you have to prove that you’re unable to pay, and they can pay up to three months of back rent or back mortgage for you. So that’s one, we know the city of Albuquerque. We know the city of Santa Fe that there are other programs, even Rio Rancho. So if you need that help reach out. And if you want more information on that, you’re always welcome to call us. We’re at 448-8888, welcomehomeabq.com Venturi Realty Group with Keller Williams Realty.