Non-Financial Reasons to own your Albuquerque home

(Transcript Snippet): “Tego: On a side note on that, you know, I told you about, I think you listened, oh, I made you listen to, I made you that podcast from, gosh, I can’t think of his name and I’m sorry, the CEO of Homeland,
Tracy: Right from Santa who’s based out of Santa Fe.
Tego: Yeah. Santa Fe Albuquerque. And they, they really specialize in, in homeownership, helping people that may be one, otherwise have the opportunity to participate in homeownership, have that opportunity
Tracy: That would be priced out of the market. Yeah. Yeah.
Tego: And They, they have a whole thing to have coaching and they have a bunch of things to help people get into home ownership. And he said something that’s really stuck with me. And that is that home ownership is affordable housing because he talks about, you know, that, that
Tracy: How much rents have increased, how much rent is increased,
Tego: But that when you’re a homeowner, you know, for the most part, your cost of housing, this is a national stat, 10, your cost of housing is 10% less than renters as a whole. And I thought that was important, but okay. I was going to say, I was going to say the nonfinancial and here we go. I’m going all financial,
Tracy: That was Jesse Abrams, with Home Wise
Tracy: Really interesting. And since you brought it up, let’s talk about that just a little bit longer. Okay. So, you know, well,
Tego: It’s so funny, we started off that. We’re not going to talk about the financial reasons for owner home ownership, which there’s a bunch of them we’ll get to that, but go ahead. No, this is, well,
Tracy: One of the things that really struck me that I hadn’t hadn’t really, I mean, I’ve heard it, but I, the way he said it, I really understood it. And I probably won’t be as eloquent as he was in his podcast or the interview
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