Monsoon Season is back in Albuquerque: Is your roof ready?

(Transcript Snippet): “Tego: We can talk about how high the river is this weekend and why is it high this weekend? Because monsoon is back.
Tracy: Oh, let’s talk about rain. Yeah. Hail and rain that we had in the Albuquerque Metro area. I know we had it all along the Rio Grande valley and Santa Fe. Well, and then the other day,
Tego: The other day, it, you know, there was another cell that rolled through Albuquerque was that Thursday night, that was, it was pretty intense. It didn’t hit where we live, but I know some parts of town got. So deluge as they say,
Tracy: We had some loud thunder and lightning, like 9:30, 10 that our dogs were not happy about.
Tego: Well, it’s great to get the moisture, but let’s talk about the home ownership part of this ownership.
Tracy: Right? So roofs, we’ve talked about this a lot lately, like time to get the roofer out and I hope you already did it because what we know is this week, the roofers are very busy, right? We had huge amounts of rain on
Tracy: Memorial day. Well, we had Tracy’s. We had a long
Tego: Time with no rain, no moisture. And then all of a sudden we get all of this all at once and roofs over time, they dry out, they crack there’s, you know, seams that crack and open up and we don’t know it until it rains. So
Tego: Get up on your roof,
Tracy: Get up on your roof.
Tego: Oh wait, let me rephrase that. Getting on your roof could be very dangerous. So disclaimer, please have a professional. Do it. If you’re uncomfortable, I’m not recommending that you get on your roof.
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