Looking for your Albuquerque home? Here’s what you should do

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If you’re looking for a home, what you should, what should you be doing


Well? So one of the things that I would suggest is let’s not give up let’s, you know, put your parameters together, keep looking this week to go. I had the opportunity to stop in at a few sales offices of new home builders and just chat with them. And they actually have some homes ready to buy today. And honestly, this weekend, they have some great incentives out there for buyers towards their closing costs or upgrades. If you want to build a house and pick your lot, but they do have some that are done or almost done. So there’s a great option. You’re not competing as much. You walk into the sales office and pick the house, pick the floor plan, or you pick one that’s already done. So I stopped in a Dr. Horton, Hakes brothers and a Pulte this week. And wow, they’ve got some beautiful homes in neighborhoods. Now most of the newer homes are in that 300 and up range up to 500. And even above that in some of the neighborhoods, but boy, there’s one way to find a house. So


Yeah, you know, new construction, let’s just talk about that real quick. There is a lot of new construction going on. There are projects, you know, that we’re aware of in the pipeline that are coming on. And so there are, there’s going to be a fair amount of new construction over the next few years, for sure. In the Albuquerque area. Although I looked at building permits, we had a spike up in may and then building permits for the Albuquerque area, dropped off again and are just kind of flat. And I think that’s partly this whole kind of supply chain problem, labor problem, material cost problems that a lot of the, the building industry has seen. And that’s not just residential construction. I mean, everybody out there knows that it’s, it’s everywhere you know, supply chain problems. So anyway, that that new construction is coming. It’s just not enough for, for the, the demand that we have out there right now. And it’s probably going to continue that way. So if somebody is interested in new construction, which should


They should call us first, right? Four, four, eight, eighty eight, eighty eight, we can help you hone in on neighborhoods and areas and price points and availability. And when we find the right one, we can help negotiate the right offer and contract for you to get that house you need.