Kitchen rends and lumber futures: The lowdown in Albuquerque’s Real Estate market 
(Transcript Snippet): “Tego: Let’s talk about kitchen to real quick. Oh, I, I brought up the wrong wrong chart. What did I do with it here? Did it go here? It went. Okay. So I love this the headline on this story, it was kitchens you know, stirring the pot COVID customer desires reveal, and then the S the sub-headline was something like spoiler alert, kitchen offices are out, which is interesting. And I, I know some people like them, but for the most part, kitchen offices are out. Cause now everybody just wants their home office.
Tracy: Well, and they want space. They’re tired of being in the kitchen altogether. Right. We need to move around. Plus, you know, kitchen office kind of leaves a mess. Usually, at least for me, it would, I leave my papers all over the table and everything. Yeah. Unlike you who have a nice, neat clean desk. So, Tracy, what
Tego: Do you see in kitchens that, that has been a big trend for this year and what people like and what people want.
Tracy: Yeah. I noticed there’s been more of that darker stainless. I don’t remember what it’s called. It’s like a black stainless appliances. Yup. I’ve seen a lot of those. I’ve seen a lot more refrigerators that have computer door, you know, like a screen in the door where you can program it and you can have your Alexa or whatever, your whole house, your whole house automation through your fridge. I know, I know I said it and I thought, oh, ours is going to be saying, what can I help you with right now? But the screen where there’s like, you automate your home off your fridge and me personally, I’ve seen our friends have that. And I’m like, yeah, I don’t think I want to do that from my refrigerator door, but you know, whatever. What have you seen
Tego: Big open kitchens, definitely the trend. You look at what the builders are building right now. You know, the production builders, you know, open, airy, open to a great room, open to a den, open to a dining room is definitely the thing. The
Tracy: Other thing I’ve seen is bigger islands, bigger islands, more seating around islands, a little less, maybe even in live in dining space, like for dining tables, definitely not formal dining rooms, but more of a dining note in addition to a big island.
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