Is it a good time to buy or sell your Albuquerque home?

(Transcript Snippet): ” Tracy: What we hear regularly Tego, and I know you’ve been listening to these podcasts and we’ve talked about it. Is it a good time to sell? Is it a good time to buy?
Tego: Yeah, I heard, I heard somebody reframe this and it was just like, it was a, it was a light bulb, you know, it was just like, yes, of course the question. Is it a good time to buy as a good time to sell now if you’re a real estate investor, maybe that is a good, that’s a fair question to ask. I would even debate with that, that maybe it isn’t, but if th th the question you’re asking is where am I going to live?
Tracy: Right. Instead of, is it a good time to buy or sell? Where am I going to live? Might be the better question.
Tego: And so if you’re a homeowner and you’re saying, okay should I sell, well, where are you going to live when you sell? Right. And so what what’s, what’s a better option for, and I know people go through this, right? They, everybody goes through this exercise when they’re thinking about it. I just, I think this whole idea of when a time the market, oh my gosh, are we in a bubble? Are we gonna, you know, are we the top of the market? Is, should I sell now? Will the prices are high? Or, you know, are they going to go down next year, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. It’s like, no, where am I going to live? Next is I think the question, right? Interesting.
Tracy: So I had a gentleman call yesterday and wanted to speak to one of the Venturis, which was cute. And he he had our number from when we were on TV with Barbara Corcoran, doing ads with Barbara Corcoran. And he had written down our numbers, our office number and ourselves numbers from that commercial. And I don’t know, I, he kept track of it. So he called yesterday and we talked because he’s thinking it might be time to sell, but he’s thinking maybe now maybe four months from now, maybe two years from now. And he wanted to ask that question, should I sell now? What’s the market going to do? And so, of course I was asking them, what, where are you going to live? And what are you going to do if you sell now? And what’s the motivation. And, you know, he feels like it’s a good time to sell, and he does have a place to live. And he said, there’s an active adult apartment complex nearby that he’s kind of curious about, cause he lives alone and he’s 60 years old now. And he thought if he moved into the apartment complex where there’s 55 plus active adults, that he might have more social going on. So that was interesting not. And so the question I asked him of course, was where are you going to live if we sell it now? And he had that all figured out and it sure made good sense, didn’t it?