Housing Ownership Percentages in Albuquerque

Transcript Snippet: “Tego:

So I, I just wanna wrap this up cause we’re running out of time because I think this is important. So we were talking about this whole idea that nationwide, they say a third of homes are owned by investors. Well in New Mexico or in greater Albuquerque, I’m sorry. So there’s about, let’s say 290,000 single family homes in our Metro Albuquerque area give or take 81% of those are owner occupied. Meaning the person that owns it is the one that lives in it. Another 8% or so I said eight and a half earlier, right? That’s about how many are corporate owned, right. Being a LLC or, or whatever. And a lot of those are, are, most of those are local small. Again, I’ll just call ’em mom and pop investors cuz you know what that means. There’s an additional about 10% absentee owners, 11% where your tax bill goes outta state, not necessarily outta state. It could be just not out of area, outta area, not the, not the same house. Oh right. So even if you included all of the absentee owners and the corporate owners that still only, only equates to about 19% of all ownership is not owner occupied, which is way below the national average. So, so my point is watch out for those national statistics and, and, and quoting them as that’s what’s happening everywhere because it doesn’t work that way. As we know, right. Eddie.