Albuquerque Area Zip Codes Ranked

Here we rank the zip codes in the the Albuquerque Area using the MAI algorithm. The higher the number the stronger of a sellers market it is.

What is the Market Action Index (MAI)?

Altos Research, the premier real-time real estate market analysis provider, has created a proprietary statistic, the Market Action Index (MAI). It is a single number that measures the current rate of sale versus the amount of inventory on the market. With this indicator, users can quickly assess whether a local or regional housing market favors buyers or sellers. The MAI effectively provides home buyers, home sellers, and real estate professionals with an up-to-date evaluation of current conditions in any given area.

The Market Action Index combines three key factors: sales velocity relative to supply (supply/demand ratio), days on the market (time from listing to closing), and list price vs. sold price. This data collection system provides an accurate assessment using Altos Research’s proprietary algorithms. It is updated weekly using data from more than 100 MLSs around the United States.

30 is the baseline, or balanced market, numbers above 30 are considered a “Seller Market,” and the larger the number, the “hotter” that area is.