Tego Venturi: Okay, let’s talk insurance. I’ve got a couple different ways I want to take this Bill. And first off, let’s just talk about we’re specifically homeowners insurance. I know you know everything about insurance and everything, but we’re going to talk about homeowners because that’s what we do here. Sure. And the return when somebody purchases home, right, they’re getting a mortgage. they’re required to get insurance, right? Correct. Yeah. Now, what if they own it free and clear? Do they have to have insurance?

William Tobin: Interesting, they do not. But that’s when you really want to have insurance. Because if you lose the home and you have a mortgage, most of the money is is mortgaged, you don’t have a lot of equity. Right? When you own a home free and clear that home is you know, whether it’s worth 100 or 500,000 or a million. That’s, that’s, that’s actually money. That’s cash. Right. And so to me, I’m more interested in homeowners insurance if I didn’t have a mortgage, but it is not required.

Tego Venturi: Yeah. I can’t imagine somebody’s not but you know, I’m sure I’m sure it happens

William Tobin: When you see them on TV. If something burns down a lot of times and they’re asking for money, because they didn’t have homeowners insurance. They own the home and yeah, there’s a GoFundMe page.

Tego Venturi: Yeah, yeah, exactly. Yeah, right. Right.