Albuquerque Real Estate Talk | Converting Your Home into a Rental: Pros and Cons for Albuquerque Homeowners

In this episode of Albuquerque Real Estate Talk, Tracy and Tego Venturi discuss various topics related to the housing market in Albuquerque. They start by mentioning Zillow’s home price index, which provides an average value for all homes in the entire Albuquerque MSA. Despite concerns about the algorithm, they note that it has been fairly accurate. They then provide the median average price of existing homes in Albuquerque.
The hosts address the predictions made by individuals on YouTube and other platforms, who wrongly predicted a housing market crash in 2020. Instead, the market experienced the opposite and continued to rise. They highlight how these predictions dissuaded many from purchasing homes, but now those who waited are faced with high prices and interest rates.
The Venturis discuss the trend of keeping homes as rental properties for rental income and potential value appreciation. They mention the popularity of short-term rentals, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic when people couldn’t stay in hotels. Airbnb is mentioned as a popular platform for booking unique properties while traveling.
The hosts then shift to discussing a specific property available for sale. They describe its features, including a new horse barn, fenced area, and various amenities. The house itself is described as fabulous, with multiple bedrooms and bathrooms, a large garage, and it is located in a gated neighborhood called Polti. The current listing price is mentioned, along with a suggestion to call Evan Frailey to schedule an appointment for viewing.
They also mention other newly listed houses and open house opportunities available, with the option to make appointments through their provided contact information. Tracy and Tego introduce their real estate broker company, Venturi Realty Group, and promote their website,, which offers features like estimated home value and the option for an instant cash offer.
Later, the hosts discuss the pros and cons of selling a property and the considerations for short-term rentals. They mention two other properties for sale, providing some details about their locations, sizes, and amenities. Lastly, they highlight Tigo’s service for staying updated with the value of one’s home, including automated home value estimates and periodic notifications.
Overall, this episode covers a wide range of topics related to Albuquerque’s real estate market, offering insights, property highlights, and useful resources for viewers interested in buying, selling, or renting properties.