Cash Home Buyers & Equity: What the stats are saying

(Transcript Snippet): “Tracy: Speaking of cash offers, Tego. I was saying, we talked about this on the show, but I want to bring it up again because it keeps coming up. People keep saying, oh, there’s so many cash buyers and they’re just beating us out. And oh my gosh, all the cash buyers narrative. And, you know, we’ve, we were hearing that. And of course, you know what I did, Tracy, I know you went and did the stats, but you know, we, we, as a team have closed over 250 houses this year already. Right. And we’re going well, let’s look at it. And, and really, yeah, there are some cash buyers out there, but that is not different. Right. Do you have a stat for it?
Tego: Yes, I do. And so what I looked at was I looked at the first half of this year versus, well, actually it was the first I say the first half, it was actually the first five months of 20 17, 20 18, 20 19 and 2020. And then of course, 2021, because I just went, it went through through may. Yeah. So it was five years back. And I was trying to say, okay, of all the homes that sold in each one of those years during that specific period, how many of them closed where cash, how many were conventional loans? How many were FHA loans? How many were real estate contracts, which is, you know, seller financing. And then how many of them were VA loans? And that’s, you know, those are the kind of the big, the five big buckets. And the thing that was shocking was it in 2021, that the number of cash buyers was actually less than 20 17, 18 and 19. Now last year, 2021, it was actually even lower. But this year it’s bumped up a little bit, but it’s, but it’s interesting because we hear these narratives out there where, oh, well, all these cash buyers are just coming in and they’re from California and they’re buying all our homes and they’re displacing us. It’s like, no, no, no. It’s, yes. There’s some of that. And we’ve always seen that. Right, Tracy. It, it, it didn’t just happen since last year that people from other states are coming here and buy
Tracy: It. Right. And when we had our team meeting, we asked our team, there was about 20 some on, on the meeting, right. Where are people coming from? Are you seeing them coming from California? Is that the overwhelming? And it was like, everybody’s like, that’s just what people are saying. There’s no, there’s no facts behind that. And now it’s like, no, people are move up. They’re from here, they’re coming back here. They’re from all over there. They’re moving from one house to another, within the city. They’re, up-sizing, they’re downsizing.
Tego: A lot of, you know, household formation is what we call it where we’re, you know, people that have maybe never been homeowners or, you know, maybe two, two people coming together to, to start a home and, and, and be the first-time purchaser. We are seeing a lot of first-time purchases, but most of those first-time purchases are people from, I mean, they’re from here, they’re not from elsewhere. So that was anyway. That’s a little myth busting there.
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