Albuquerques’s luxury Real Estate market: Things you should know

(Transcript Snippet): “Tracy:  Say that not every house with a pool is luxury. We just in the last couple of weeks, we’ve had two transactions going where the houses were under 300,000, had a pool. I went to an inspection on behalf of one of our agents, who’s out of town for the holiday and I happened to go and meet her clients and let them in their house. And it’s a $250,000 house with an in-ground pool with an automatic cover. And it was two 50. So, you know, you think of a pool as a very high end luxury item, but there are pools on, on homes around not, we’re not like some markets, right. Pools are not common here. The high desert, it gets cool at night. Yeah,
Tego: It’s not like Phoenix. When you look at a Phoenix, satellite aerial and you look down and every other house, or maybe every, maybe two to two out of three. Yeah. Obviously depends on the neighborhood.
Tracy: Most of them have pools the majority. Yeah. Yeah. So
Tego: One of the stories I saw last week and I was sitting there reading it when you walked into my office the other day tracing it. And I think the headline was, I might not get this just right. But it was basically, you know, the new status symbol in the country is, you know, outdoor living spaces, you know, glamorous, outdoor backyards or outdoor spaces, you know, and of course here in New Mexico, it’s great. Cause we do have, you know, almost really almost four seasons, but let’s say three seasons where you can really, where you can be outside if you do it. Right. Yeah.
Tracy: And you know, I also saw an article. So you were, I walked in on you with an article and I had just read one in a, in a travel magazine. And they were talking about all the movie stars and actors and actresses doing outdoor living. And that was a huge thing. And how over the top they were. And it was kind of interesting, but we see a lot of beautiful outdoor spaces here in New Mexico. One of my favorite outdoor spaces in New Mexico is at the Hyatt, Tom. I 
Tego: Yes, it’s pretty nice. That’s such a great, if you haven’t been out there, it’s like going to a different world. You know, you just go a little bit north of, of the city here and you’re kind of in a different place and you’ve got that beautiful view out there.