Topics covered in this weeks show:

– Lack of reliable single source for searching rental properties in Albuquerque.
– Issues with Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace for rental listings.
– Introduction of as a new website for rental property listings.
– Increase in availability of rental homes in Albuquerque through the website.
– Scammers using public information to advertise fake rental properties.
– Excitement about the launch of Nm Home Rentals website.
– Collaboration with the Multiple Listing Service in Albuquerque.
– Features and functionality of the NM Home Rentals website.
– Value of green building and its benefits.
– Use of automated value feature for rental property valuation.
– Homebuyers actively looking for homes and market demand.
– Pricing and condition of houses affecting buyer interest and offers.
– Seller’s market and median home price in Albuquerque.
– Cost of building a home and factors affecting pricing.
– Importance of considering the time of year for evaluating pool value.
– Tips for showcasing a pool when selling a property.
– Importance of new carpet in creating a positive impression.
– Limitations on seller contributions to buyer’s closing costs.
– Functionality and features of the home search website.
– Coverage of the entire Metro area for rental properties.

Albuquerque! It’s no secret that scouring the internet for trustworthy rental properties in our beloved city can feel like an uphill battle. Between dodging scam ads on Craigslist and trying to navigate the crowded Facebook Marketplace, it’s been a real headache for our landlords and tenants alike. But guess what? Your worries might soon be a thing of the past. Let’s give a warm Albuquerque welcome to Nm Home Rentals, a new website set to shake things up in our local rental market.

The Long-Awaited Revolution in Albuquerque’s Rental Scene:
For what feels like forever, our local landlords and property managers have had a tough time finding a reliable platform to list their rentals. But times are changing, thanks to the bright minds behind Nm Home Rentals. This new website, connected to the reputable Multiple Listing Service and directly to property managers, now showcases around 2500 homes available for rent. Talk about a breath of fresh air for tenants yearning for a wider selection of rental properties!

The Fight Against Scammers is ON:
One of the biggest pains of online rental searches? Scammers. These online tricksters use stolen photos and false ownership information to advertise non-existent properties. They bait innocent tenants with attractively low rents and sob stories, urging them to ignore any real estate signs at the property. However, Nm Home Rentals is stepping into the ring to face these scammers head-on. Their platform uses verified information from the Multiple Listing Service, offering a safe haven for tenants and landlords alike.

Going “Green” – The Future of Building:
In the latest episode of Albuquerque Real Estate Talk, our hosts also delve into the significance of eco-friendly building in the real estate market. Lower utility bills, cleaner air, noise reduction, safety enhancements – the benefits of green building are pretty amazing! While appraisers used to give these homes higher values, these features are now becoming more common in new buildings, ticking the right boxes for tenants seeking sustainable living.

Track Property Value with a Click:
Another hot topic is the growing trend of automated value features, which let you keep track of your property’s value over time. While they may not always be spot-on accurate, they provide a good ballpark estimate. They’re a handy tool for homeowners to measure their property’s worth and make sound decisions.

The Albuquerque Housing Market – Where We Stand:
Navigating our current housing market can be tricky. While the market looks pretty sweet for sellers, buyers are getting more discerning. Homes with the right price tag are flying off the market, while overpriced properties are sticking around a little longer. The key for sellers? Price your homes right, considering factors like condition and location, to reel in the perfect buyers.

Wrapping Up:
In a nutshell, the July 22, 2023 episode of Abq Real Estate Talk brought to light the hurdles and hopeful developments in Albuquerque’s rental property scene. Nm Home Rentals is stepping up to the plate with its robust, reliable database of rental properties. While the market leans towards sellers, smart pricing is essential to reel in buyers. Green building, automated value tracking, and new carpet value were also hot topics. With these advancements in sight, Albuquerque’s real estate market is gearing up for some exciting changes and opportunities. Get ready, Albuquerque – the future is here!