Albuquerque Real Estate Community: Some of the Advocacy Work We Do

(Transcript Snippet): “Tego:

One thing I, I wanted to talk about was the real estate community and some of the advocacy work that we do. So the national association re realtors and New Mexico association realtor association, the local greater Albuquerque association of realtor. One of the things that we do is a lot of Al C work, meaning lobbying, right? For, for, for things that, that have to do with housing and and, and property rights for, for people. Obviously we just ended the the, the short session here in Santa Fe. And I wanna pull this up here and, and there were a few bills that were let’s just say a little, could have been pretty challenging for people that own, own real estate let’s just put it that way. The short of it is the ones that were really pretty heavy handed for, for property owners got defeated. There was one related to they called it housing modernization bill, but it really had to do with tenant rights and landlord. Well,


It placed a lot of liability on landlords and, and really could harm mom and pop landlords. You know, I think in a lot of places, people think the landlords are these big corporations that have so much money and stuff. When in fact, it’s mom and pop down the street who have the house, they, you know, grew up in, or they bought as their first home that they now have rented out. And that’s, that’s who that bill would’ve really hurt.


Yeah. It really would’ve. And the short of it was, it gave tenants basically a lot more time to be able to stay in a home without paying for it or a rental of, of, of any kind. And and so that, that one, that one got defeated and I mean, you know, tenant rights and all that, there’s some, some great stuff for tenant rights and tenants deserve rights and all that. And people shouldn’t be taken advantage of, and they should focus on that, not just doing this blanket sweeping thing that makes it harder for everybody. Right. the, the other big one that they were was a transfer tax. That one thank goodness. Didn’t go anywhere. Basically. It was gonna be a, an additional tax on the sale of real estate. And so that one didn’t get anywhere. There was one other one that was it was actually part of the crime bill and it had to do with crime theft and like chop shop and stuff, or excuse me, copper theft.


So, you know, one of the, the, the, the pro problems, anybody that’s been in construction knows this is, you know, people go and steal copper out of a house or pipes or wiring, and then they go and sell it on the, at like chop shops that, that do it. So anyway, they tighten that up, which, which, again, that kind of, that helps construction as well as the, the real estate community. So I just wanted to say, you know, anybody that is interested in these things and, and just know that the realtor associations are out there fighting for, for home ownership, right.