Weekly Look at the Albuquerque Housing Market – July 10, 2023

TLDR: The housing market in Albuquerque is currently stable and favoring sellers, with high median home prices and a low inventory of homes available.

1. 🏠 The weekly data on the Albuquerque real estate market shows the trends in active inventory and pricing for single family detached homes in the area.

2. 📈 The housing market in Albuquerque is still a seller’s market due to the low number of homes available.

3. 💰 Median home prices in Albuquerque are at a high level, with new listings also increasing in price, and the average price per square foot remains relatively high.

4. 📈 The housing market in Albuquerque is currently stable with no indication of a significant price pullback, as the median days on market remain low and the inventory of homes on the market has slightly increased since April.

5. 🏡 The housing market in Albuquerque is potentially experiencing a plateau, with a potential increase in the number of homes on the market and a fluctuation in properties with price decreases.

6. 🏠 About 30-32% of active homes on the market in Albuquerque have had a price reduction, which is similar to last year and lower than 2019, indicating no distress in the market for sellers.

7. 🏡 Homes in the lower price range are selling quickly, while the number of homes coming on and off the market varies depending on the price range.

8. 🏡 Median days on the market for resale homes in Albuquerque in June was four days, indicating a fast-paced housing market.

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