Tego Venturi: Five reasons

Tego Venturi: To sell your home this holiday season.

Tracy Venturi: It’s a great topic, very, very timely we’re into the holidays and it snowed this week. It’s got colder. We’re having below normal temperatures this week.

Tego Venturi: We had above normal for a while there for quite a

Tracy Venturi: While. So some of the reasons, you know, a lot of times our, our market, all the buyers and sellers think it’s not the right time to put your home on the market. And some of the reasons to go, well, I’ll call,

Tego Venturi: I’ll tell you, I’ll tell you why people think that is because home sales do slow down through the winter, however, let’s counteract that or contradict that and why it’s why it’s a good reason.

Tracy Venturi: Sure. So, you know, one of the best reasons is a lot of people have time off work and holiday days where they are available to go and look at homes for sale, and they have the opportunity to make that change. It’s sort of a good transition point in their work in school schedules. This year, things are unusual, but we are seeing a lot more home sale activity this time of year. Like we just talked about on the stats versus

Tego Venturi: That was one reason it was buyers are active in the market right now. Right?

Tracy Venturi: Right. That’s one, one of the five top reasons. Another thing how great many of the homes are showing during the holidays, people say, should I decorate or shouldn’t I, and think how festive and happy the houses feel while they are decorated for the holiday?

Tego Venturi: For sure. No. And I think that’s, that’s an, I think that’s an important takeaway in years past we’ve, we’ve thought about that. And, and over the years we’ve realized that having a nice holiday decoration just makes the home feel warm, inviting, and that’s what you want when you’re, when you’re selling your home. Yeah. No, the reason, okay, well this, this one’s mine, this one’s mine. There aren’t enough homes on the market. So that just goes back to our previous conversation about the, the ultra low, a number of homes on the market and Albuquerque. And then again, ties back to what you just said. The buyers are in the market right now. Buyers are still looking. There’s a lot of buyers out there waiting for the right home to come on the market. And so you know, getting your home on the market is going to put you ahead come springtime,

Tracy Venturi: Which is another reason to be selling now. Right. Less competent.

Tego Venturi: Yup. Yup. And so, you know, come, you know, late winter, early, early spring, we’ll start to see more homes come on the market, there’ll be more competition. And so it’s, it’s, I th there’s no downside to putting your home on the market through the holiday season. Is that fair to say?

Tracy Venturi: Sure. And the desire to own a home during the holidays is very high. Right? A lot of times people are thinking about making those memories in a home. So another reason to have your home on the market, over the holidays. Yeah. Give us a ring.

Tego Venturi: Well, it it’s the desire to own a home. Doesn’t go away just because it’s the holidays. If anything else, maybe it’s something that’s more top of mind, especially this year,

Tracy Venturi: Right? Yeah. For sure. So you can reach us four, four, eight, 88, 88. This is Tracy and Tigo Venturi, Albuquerque real estate talk right here on the Kiva every Saturday morning. We’d be happy to talk with you about whatever you want to talk about as far as real estate. Yeah.

Tego Venturi: If we, if you want to talk real estate, just give us a shout. That’s what we do.

Tracy Venturi: Yeah. Yeah. Four, four eight, eight, eight 80. And

Tego Venturi: We’re the w and just, just to wrap that we’re Venturi Realty group, we’re also with Keller Williams Realty and we’re, we’re part of that, that family of companies and, and proud to be. Cause they’re a great, great company.