Tracy Venturi: So we have a few new homes on the market that we’re supposed to have grand open houses this past weekend and this coming weekend. And, you know, we’re not able to do those. However, the house is still can be viewed, right. And especially on our website at, but there are ways for you to view them in person if you’re looking for something. So we do have a few new ones on the market and a few others that are coming soon. You know, there’s one in Rio Rancho. I want to specifically talk about it’s on Colorado mountain and a one Oh seven Colorado mountain new on the market this week. Loma Colorado or not, this street sounds like it’s coast close to Unser in Abrazo. Okay. Sort of, not quite as far as Northern anyway, custom home that’s extract, exceptionally energy efficient. It has trauma walls for passive solar. It’s got brick floors in half of the house and the other half is a beautiful acid wash.

Tego Venturi: You, you told me about this house, lot of little customers

Tracy Venturi: And a lot of custom details. Yeah. It’s a 288,000. It’s a three bedroom. It’s on a third of an acre, very move in, ready, really a great floor plan. So if you’re looking for something like that, let us know.

Tego Venturi: Well, let’s talk about the big topic of the week that we’re all experiencing here in New Mexico, which is air quote being shut down. Of course, you know, we’re, we’re at our office here on Alameda by ourselves recording, recording our little, little studio that we’ve created in our office, but you know, it’s funny we were prepared for this, right? We’ve got the studio here. We don’t have to go down to Eddie station.

Tracy Venturi: We don’t get to, which is a bummer, you know, it’s great to be in Eddie’s space and live with him,

Tego Venturi: The wine show too, you know, so usually

Tracy Venturi: Has leftovers. Yeah. So we’re missing out on that, but, but, you know, we’ve, we’ve been,

Tego Venturi: I was going to say though, as you know, there’s a lot of people out and about we’ve all seen it. Right. but I think for the most part, people are being respectful and the thing is real estate continues,

Tracy Venturi: Real estate does continue and, you know, people still need to shelter. If they need to shelter in place, they need shelter. Right. Pretty, pretty important. So we’re able to continue the process for those folks who already were in the process of buying a house or selling a house. And we have lots of ways to help people who are still in the market to buy yourself. So despite, you know, the real estate shut down, we, we have a lot of strategies and a lot of ways to help people

Tego Venturi: Just to backpedal a little bit, if people don’t recognize or realize what, what what’s happened in, in real estate, in, you know, back in March and whenever it was the first shutdown that we had there was the list of, you know, essential services, essential companies that could remain open as long as they were following safe practices as well with the, the announcement and the directive that came out on Friday real estate was not on the list, which surprised a lot of people because really real estate and, and the, the real estate, you know, buying and selling process, it can be very contactless, right? So much of what we do now in the real estate business is digital from looking at homes online, you know, virtual tours like Eddie, just talked about you know, you, you can get on and do Google street views and walk up and down the street and the neighbor.

Tego Venturi: I mean, you can get a pretty good idea of, you know, what’s going on before we actually go out and visit a property, right. Also the contract side and the, the, the actual process. I mean, we don’t sit down together and go through contracts together anymore. Everything’s digital, everything’s electronic signatures. So there, isn’t a lot of contact in the real estate world. And I’m putting that out there into New Mexico here, because hopefully that’ll trickle up to the the office of the governors to, you know, understand that that real estate can be done very safely. And, you know, there’s, there’s ways to do showings that are very safely where we do have to meet, but, you know, I I’m, I’m hoping it can and can get back to it because of the huge economic impact that real estate has on our economy.