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About Rio Rancho, NMRio Rancho, NM

Rio Rancho is a thriving City northwest and adjacent to Albuquerque and Corrales. There have been many accolades over the past few years for Rio Rancho with it being named one of the best places to retire, best places to live, best schools in New Mexico, most affordable places to live, along with several other areas of recognition. As for homes and housing in Rio Rancho, there are many great options and as top real estate agents, we can help you get familiar with the options. For some, the idea of a home on ½ acre in ideal, for others, a golf course home, condo, or living in one of the superb master planned communities is just right. There are options for single family homes, homes in great neighborhoods with parks and trails, houses with swimming pools, or homes with great views. There’s typically quite a bit of land for sale but very few developed lots ready to build your custom home on, although some spectacular building sites exist. Whether you’re a retiree, and empty nester, downsizing, looking for a second home, a golf community, an active adult community or a family home, Rio Rancho has plenty of options. The Rio Rancho Chamber of Commerce website has some helpful information for visitors and people relocating as well as the Rio Rancho Convention and Visitors website. If you are considering relocation to the area, we have a lot of local insight and will help guide you a smooth relocation helping you get the information you need. Rio Rancho’s largest employers are Intel Corporation & Hewlett Packard. There are also other employers such as hospitals, retail, call centers and jobs in the government sectors. Rio Rancho has done a great job over the years to entice new business through great incentives. The Economic Development division has really worked hard to bring good paying jobs as well as work with the city to provide infrastructure and buildings for relocating companies. The Rio Rancho area was originally part of the Alameda Land Grant, which was founded by the Spanish in 1710. By the early twentieth century, much of the land grant had been sold to land investment companies. AMREP Southwest, Inc. purchased 55,000 acres in 1961 and turned the land into a housing development called “Rio Rancho Estates” with the first families moving in the early 1960s. The population grew tenfold between 1970 and 1980, and the City of Rio Rancho was incorporated in 1981.

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If you are searching for a home, house, homes for sale, houses for sale, real estate, townhouses, townhomes, lofts, land, acreage, lots for sale or investment property in Rio Rancho, NM (New Mexico) you’ve come to the right place! Please browse through the links provided below to find the best home and house values in Rio Rancho (87124, 87144, 87174) or go to our easy to use Rio Rancho NM MLS Property Search Page. Rio Rancho includes the friendly communities of Alegria Active Adult, Cabezon Communities, Chamisa Hill Country Club, Ciello Grande, Corrales Heights, Desert Ridge, Diamond Ridge, Enchanted Hills, Greystone Ridge, High Resort Community, Loma Colorado, Lomas Encantadta, Los Rios, Mariposa, North Hills, Northern Meadows, Quail Ranch, Rio Rancho City Centre, Rio Rancho Country Club, Rio Rancho Estates, River’s Edge, Santiago Communit

Rio Rancho Housing Market Trends

Average Price is calculated by dividing the number of homes sold by the total dollar amount of the sales. Average price is not a true measurement of appreciation/depreciation but shows trends.

Rio Rancho Average Home Prices. Active and Sold

  • 228775.00,227753.89,229038.61,228469.12,236220.75,241658.28,245833.30,249104.93,244394.29,246569.02,245629.47,245992.74
  • 180372.22,168671.58,174329.78,187887.77,187177.74,187184.78,188299.17,198326.51,193942.64,197538.49,197308.92,192400.66

Information is deemed to be reliable, but is not guaranteed. © 2016

Median Price is the middle price point of all homes sold. Said another way… half the homes sold for more and half the homes sold for less. A good indicator of housing price trends.

Rio Rancho Median Home Prices. Active and Sold

  • 199900.00,199900.00,200000.00,199900.00,208000.00,215725.00,225000.00,230000.00,219900.00,220000.00,219000.00,219945.00
  • 165000.00,151750.00,160450.00,178000.00,164450.00,164000.00,169000.00,175000.00,171500.00,175000.00,172450.00,172750.00

Information is deemed to be reliable, but is not guaranteed. © 2016

Home Inventory helps identify trends in supply and demand in the market. This chart shows Active (for sale) properties vs. Sold properties

Rio Rancho Home Inventory Supply. Active vs. Sold

  • 709,667,637,578,535,573,581,601,635,639,663,626
  • 161,128,170,128,118,175,187,217,217,217,238,184

Information is deemed to be reliable, but is not guaranteed. © 2016

Absorption Rate is a measurement of Supply vs. Demand. It is calculated by dividing the number of homes sold in a month by the number of homes on the market. A higher number equates to more supply and a lower number means less supply.  A 6 month supply is generally considered a Balanced Market.

Rio Rancho Absorption Rate. Months Supply of Inventory

  • 4.58,4.23,4.01,3.56,3.28,3.49,3.54,3.63,3.79,3.75,3.87,3.54

Information is deemed to be reliable, but is not guaranteed. © 2016

Days on Market is another good indicator of Supply vs. Demand trends. It is number of days a listing is active in MLS before it is Pending. Average days on market is calculated by adding days on market of all listing and dividing by the number of listings.

Rio Rancho Average Days On Market

  • 62.6,61.1,60.7,67.6,83.5,56.8,47.0,45.1,50.6,40.8,37.5,38.2

Information is deemed to be reliable, but is not guaranteed. © 2016

Listing Price to Sale Price Ratios give us an indication on how much (on average) homes prices are being discounted off the listing prices.   This chart shows us both the discount from Original Listing Price to final sale price, and also List Price (at time of contract) to final sale price.

Rio Rancho Sale Price to Listing Price Discount Ratio %

  • 94.4,95.0,94.2,93.9,93.2,95.8,96.7,96.4,96.5,96.3,97.0,96.8
  • 97.6,98.0,97.7,97.4,96.7,97.8,98.4,98.0,97.9,98.2,98.4,98.4

Information is deemed to be reliable, but is not guaranteed. © 2016

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