Highly Recommend – Joel F via Yelp
Bought a family home in Los Lunas
November 27, 2018

Recently I purchased a home with the assistance of Camron House. My son and first met Camron in July 2018 and the three of us looked at approximately half a dozen homes while my son and I were visiting Albuquerque from the Midwest. I chose these homes using the internet. However, all these homes left us with an inadequate feeling after we saw them. Something was just not right.

After talking with Camron I realized my approach to homes in the Albuquerque area had to undergo significant modifications.

With her help, we started to look at newer and larger homes. these homes were more in line with what we (my son, his dog, and i) were looking for.

With Camron’s guidance we soon found a beautiful home in Los Lunas. However, there already an offer on the home being negotiated. With the assistance of Camron I put in an alternate offer that within a few days won the bidding contest. We moved into the home on 11/2 thanks to Camron’s help!!!

Perhaps the happiest of the three of us was my son’s dog whom had been very fearful of the stairs at our old home. At our new he runs up and down the stairs as if he is saying, “Home Sweet Home! Thank you Camron for making this possible!!!”