Yvette Ibarra

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Real Estate Consultant / REALTOR®

License # REC-2023-0101

Office: 505.207.8569

Cell: 505.514.1980

About Yvette

Yvette Ibarra, a dedicated REALTOR®, brings a unique blend of life experiences and passions to her real estate career. Since 2011, Yvette has embraced the role of a loving wife and a devoted mother to her four children. Beyond her familial responsibilities, Yvette possesses a deep-seated passion for sewing, demonstrating her creative flair in crafting a wide range of textile wonders. Her talent extends beyond the fabric realm, as she was crowned Mrs. Senora Bernalillo County in 2022 and Mrs. Senora Albuquerque in 2020, a testament to her love for participating in pageants and her charisma.
Beyond her accolades in pageantry and crafting, Yvette finds solace in the tranquility of farm life and gardening, where she nurtures her green thumb. Her diverse interests are not just hobbies; they underscore her unwavering dedication and commitment, qualities that she carries into her real estate career.

With a clear goal in mind, Yvette is on a mission to amass extensive knowledge in the field of real estate. Her aspiration is to become an expert in the industry, ensuring that she can provide her clients with nothing short of the best service possible. Yvette’s passion for helping others find their dream homes is driven by her genuine desire to make their dreams a reality, making her a truly exceptional REALTOR® in the world of real estate.

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