Leigh Maddox

Leigh Maddox photo

Real Estate Consultant/REALTOR®

License # 54360

Office: 505-448-8888

1119 Alameda Blvd NW
Albuquerque, NM 87114

Raised in a military family, Leigh first came to New Mexico as an exchange student
at UNM and within three weeks knew she had found her place. She loves to
volunteer with various local non-profits, and this eventually led to her service with
the US Peace Corps in Azerbaijan. New Mexico has always pulled at her heart, so in 2017
she found a way to make Corrales her home.

Always eager to learn new things about people and places, Leigh really enjoys
getting out of her comfort zone by traveling solo internationally. She finds these
experiences to be a continuing lesson in human relations and is consistently
finding we all have more commonalities than we think.

Recalling the joy and wonder she felt even years after buying her first home, Leigh
had been wanting the opportunity to help others experience the pride of home
ownership. Her personal philosophy is, “We all create our own realities,” and with
that in mind, she looks forward to finding that ‘right’ fit for her clients and making
their dream of home ownership a reality for them.