Tips and things to think about if you’re looking for a home in the Albuquerque area

Tego (14:52):

Want to take what you were just talking about and expand on this whole idea of this market, where we have so few homes on the market. We have a lot of buyers waiting for homes. I want to give some people that are looking for homes, some tips, and some things that they should be thinking about. If they’re looking for a home now, does it mean sitting on Zillow all night and refreshing your screen over and over and over again? Well, it might I will tell you though, that Zillow doesn’t always get instantaneous updates. It’s pretty quick though.

Tracy (15:28):

Zillow doesn’t get coming soon properties though. So it’s not going to show you things that are in coming soon. Right?

Tego (15:37):

Well, so what I wanted to say is let’s table coming soon for a second. Cause I think that’s an important conversation, but what I’m talking about is how do you know when that home comes on the market? What are you doing? What’s your real estate agent doing to get you set up, to know when that home home’s on the market. And so what, you know, what would you tell a buyer right now? That’s saying I’m looking for a home, looking for a home. I’m just, you know,

Tracy (16:02):

Yeah, totally. I’d say commit to a great real estate agent, have that agent set up a search. So when we set up a search in the multiple listing service, Tego, we as realtors have an option to say, how often are we going to send this search? Right? Are we going to send that to them twice a week? Are we going to hold them all and send them all at the end of the day? Or are we going to send them immediately when that property comes on the market? And it’s interesting because we know someone searching for a home in Arizona and search has got set up and they were set up to go on Tuesdays and Saturdays. And I laughed. And I was like, if you get a home on the market Tuesday afternoon, after you got your money, your weekly update, it’s pending by Saturday, you have to get them set up. So they come immediately, right?

Tego (16:48):

It’s too late. So that’s an important tip. If you are searching for homes, you know, get your real estate agent to set up the search so that you are getting them immediately, you can get it, you can get an email. Sometimes it’s a push notification, okay?

Tracy (16:59):

Just whatever we need to get them immediately,

Tego (17:02):

Let’s talk about coming soon properties. Cause that’s kind of a confusion for people. People hear, Oh, there’s a home for sale. It’s coming soon, but I can’t find it anywhere. Explain that for everybody.

Tracy (17:16):

Of course. So coming soon is a status that we have in our multiple listing service and it means, Hey, this house is not quite ready to view yet, but we want the realtor community to know that this house is going to be coming. So if you’re looking this weekend and you have to make a decision on a house that’s maybe not perfect. You might also know this one is in the hopper, right? Yeah. So it’s us as realtors. Once we put them in coming soon, we can see them, but they don’t go out to places like Zillow. But if you set up a search and you have your agents set up a search of homes for you, you can include coming soon as one of the options so that you can get notified about them. You just won’t find them on public websites.