Hakes Brothers: A local Albuquerque, NM Construction Company
(Transcript Snippet):
“Eric Corpuz: Well, and thank you for mentioning about, about the realtors and brokers, because we really truly feel like we are partners. And so you ever want to look for home new home construction, contact the Venturi team and let them know you’re interested in new home construction. I’m sure they’ll mention and bring us out to one of our communities, which right now we are building again an Albuquerque, which is actually in big news. We had started in Albuquerque and had closed out that first development, which we called Durango at the trails, but now we’re back. We actually have home sites and we have started pre-sales and pretty soon those homes will start going up, but we have some spec homes that we’ve started to. And for those who want to move in a little quicker, and, but we still have lots left. If you want to start from scratch Tracy Venturi: And the benefit of starting from scratch, right? You get to pick your lot. You get to pick your color scheme, your finishes, your tile. Yes, that’s fun. Right?

Eric Corpuz: I mean, you know, we, you know, when we we’re we’re production builder, but we know one of the things about customizing our homes should come from the buyer. And now you have a chance to go into a beautiful design center and meet with Deanna Mathis. An amazing, amazing designer. She’ll have one-on-one with you and you can pick your colors, your backsplashes you’re granted all those fun things. And I make that home actually yours. Tracy Venturi: And you know, one of the things that I know about that, and Deanna is she’s not going to let you do a bad job, right? She’s going to say, you know what, that tile with this countertop, isn’t going to be the best, right? She’s going to say, here’s let me help you. What, what in general do you like, let me pull a few things and you’ll be wild, right?

Eric Corpuz: Absolutely. And you know, what, what might be daunting to some folks is they’re afraid that they go into a place anywhere and they overspend, or again, to that situation, you can walk in and say, you know what, Deanna, this is my budget. This is where I’d like to be. And she does an amazing job of putting together all these colored choices that work within that budget. And that’s what I think is the best part of it.

Tego Venturi: Just to clarify for folks that may not understand we use, you said spec home, what does that mean?

Eric Corpuz: So it’s an inventory home. It’s a home that we decided to build on the lot to sell, hopefully before it’s complete, but sometimes it gets to completion. We pick the four plan. We pick the elevation in the outside. Is it a contemporary, or is it going to have a pitch roof for things like that? We pick the option choices and the colors that go into the home. And, but, you know, we’re not strangers to this. And we, we build these beautiful models that everyone loves to see. And we say, I’m going to put a model in the field and that’s kind of our mindset.

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