Let’s talk about new homes and new neighborhoods. So there are new neighborhoods coming of newly constructed homes for sale on the market. And yes, us realtors can help you with that. We know the ins and outs of negotiating with the builders and getting the financing. So if you’re driving around and you see a new home builder sign, you know, it says, Hey, new neighborhood give us a call. We can help you with all the builders. Not just one, a lot of times, people stop in at one builder and they end up buying a home and they haven’t even looked at the other builder. That’s just down the street. So we can show you all the different neighborhoods of homes for sale, from new builders. We can also, if you want to build a custom, buy a lot and build a custom home, we know a lot of home builders to help you interview, to see which home builder is going to work best for you. And we have a lot of resources like that.

So I always say everybody needs to build a custom home, or maybe not even a custom, maybe a semi-custom home one time in their life to test their marriage, their marriage. Exactly. Yeah, no, we’ve already done that. We’ve been there, done that. We made it through. That was like 20 years ago now. Yeah. Yeah. So, so

Coming soon. So I know we, we always have our homes of the week. We don’t have very many it’s new year’s, there’s a few people that are working on having their home on the market soon. And if you’re looking for something specific, give us a ring. We might have it coming soon. I know of one in BASCA and concerto in Verna, Leo, that beautiful gated neighborhood downtown.

Talk about that neighborhood real quick, because I think it’s, it’s a gym. Not a lot of people know about

Last scan. Cantata is a gated neighborhood down near the river off Sheriff’s posse road. What’s the brew pub across the street.

Oh my gosh. If I get it wrong, I’m going to feel bad. A bossy. I think it is Pasky they took over the old big deal jackalope. Yeah. So it’s across from

Like right by the Santa Ana star casino and golf courses and tell Maya and all that. So by the river, on the West side of the river, just South of five 50,

And I think it gets missed because it’s actually a burn of Leo address because even though it’s on the West side of the river and people don’t realize that Burna Leo crosses the river right there, and they actually, the Walmart five 25, 28 is actually in Bernalillo. It goes all the way up anyway.

Yeah. Gated neighborhood mostly. So there’s right at the very front of one of the Gates. There’s some lots that are quarter acre with nice custom homes. And then the next street, which is a little called is half halfacres. But the rest of them in there, it’s a big loop with some different call, this app, their acre, lots in the, you know, Bosky with big, beautiful Cottonwood trees, literally right next to the river, just, just a great spot and very quick to [inaudible] you don’t have to get all the way to five 28 to get on. There’s a stoplight there now to get on and off five 50. But beautiful custom homes. And we have one coming in the next month or so that’s a custom, but newer, you know, a lot of those homes are now 10 to 20 years old.

Yeah. That’d be more than 20. Cause we were looking at, in that area when we were building

Right. Which was 20 years ago. Yeah. At the time. But yeah. So, so this one was built about a year ago, so really modern, new, new construction home. We also have another one coming in Los Lunas. That’s going to be affordable under 200,000. So if you’re looking in Los Lunas we also have some land coming into Harris. We just had one piece that went pending out in Cedar crest or to Harris. We have another one coming that, you know, if you’re looking for something to build on. So we have a variety of homes in the, in the pipeline. If you want to give us a ring and find out, you know what, or let us know what you’re looking for so we can help look for it because market is tight. We’re at four, four, eight, eight, eight, eight, eight. We have an amazing team of realtors that work with us. And we all take turns, Manning the phone. So you’ll catch somebody if you call the four, four eight, eight, eight, eight, eight number.

Well, and we have I must say a pretty impressive marketing system. Even no homes are selling fast. You still need to market them properly. Still need to merchandise in property. Still need to prepare them for sale because you want to get top dollar. Right. Just because it’ll sell doesn’t mean you’re going to sell it for top dollar. If you still don’t do all of those stuff. So yeah. Can I come in and take photos of your house with my cell phone and can we get it sold? Sure. But is that, is that really do when you have a service? So leave money on the table? Probably well,

For sale by owners, a lot of times we find that when we help somebody who has tried to market their home themselves, put it on the market as a, for sale by and done marketing, put it on some websites and things. We find that they still net more, when they sell their home with us, we merchandise it. We help them with their staging. We make sure it gets marketed on all the top sites and a net out. They still leave with the same amount of money they were hoping to leave with. So if you’re thinking of selling your home yourself, we would love to talk with you and show you how we can add value.

Great, great. And if you want to reach us, we’re a Venturi Realty group, Keller Williams Realty. We’re at welcome home. Abq.Com is our website and our cell phone or cell phone. Our office phone realtor on duty line is well, I can give my cell phone too. I mean, I don’t mind, you know, give me a call five Oh five, four four eight 88, 88 is our, our team line Eddie. And you know that you’ve got that number memorized with all the other useful information that you have memorized over the years. We got a lot of information, a lot of home, a lot of transactions. We’re proud to have to go in Tracy. We’re so proud of them and their team and what they do, how they serve the community. And more than anything. My friends who have all bought homes from basic and who I trust and the market trusts as well.

Folks it’s really that simple four, four, eight 88, 88, that’s four, four, eight 88, 88. We got a happy new year Tigo and Tracy coming from Kevin Davis and other people sort of popping in as well. And you know, it’s just a slow time, but you did say one thing and I don’t want, it’d be remiss if I didn’t address your whole thing about the phone, want to figure out how to be a success at anything. It’s really simple. Answer your phone. That’s all you have to do. Pick up the phone. Never let that phone continue to ring. That’s the best thing you can do? Four, four, eight 88, 88. Okay. I gotta ask you now. I gotta, I gotta ask you how many texts a day do you get to the five number? I, you know, up counting I have right now, currently, I don’t even know.

I have 560 text messages that I I’ve either read, haven’t read or whatever, but I’ve got to get a better, that’s one thing I plan on doing, and I’m managing more information. So people need a place to vent and, you know, reach out and feel like they’re being heard. So I do read all the text as much as possible on there. So, you know, I I don’t know if I’m getting to all of them. I, I can just hope that, that I am as many as I possibly can, but I go to bed sometimes just like, Oh, I don’t even know who that is, but okay, thank you. And I just send them in like a text and hopefully it helps them. You know, I mean, people helping 2021 is going to be a big year and it’ll be a great year.

And I know earlier this year, as Tracy actually mentioned, she said she didn’t know where the business was going to go in March. She couldn’t have imagined what has happened. Her business just this year alone adversity brings opportunity. That is one of the things that, and you know, people talk about luck. There’s no such thing as luck. It’s where preparation meets opportunity. And that is luck. And that has what has come together for both of you in 2020. So we’ll look better. We’ll look forward to a 2021.